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Monday 08 June, 2009

Just a note of appreciation to let you know how much I enjoyed your CDís. I am a woodworker, who has developed considerable skill in my craft over the years but still lack confidence when it comes to selling. Your advice and positive motivation put me on the right track. I really feel that the practical advice you shared have already gone a long way to filling in some rather huge gaps in my Ďpeople/marketingí skills. I particularly like your humane, down-to-earth approach. With a holiday open house scheduled next month, I look forward to the opportunity to put what Iíve learned into action.

Finally, I heard about you by chance through a post on a craft website where a respondent mentioned your CDís and how invaluable they had been in her success as a artist. I immediately located your website and placed an order. By way of returning the favor, I will be placing a similar post on the arts and craft website to share my enthusiasm for your fine product.
Testimonial By: Barry Rachin

International Society of Glass Beadmakers

Monday 08 June, 2009

I have reviewed the class evaluations for your three seminars, and as I had hoped and expected, your classes were very well received! On a score of 1-5, your three classes averaged 4.96! And your class on being a dynamic seller scored a perfect 5.0! Some of our attendees even changed the numberes to 10 instead, showing their enthusiasm. Obviously, you are still great! Thanks!
Testimonial By: Cathy Finegan — National Conference Coordinator

No-nonsense Approach

Monday 08 June, 2009

I have been hearing about you and your CDs for awhile now and finally purchased them. I can see why so many craft artists have found these so helpful. You have a no-nonsense approach to selling, booth design, etc. that is approachable and practical. I hope I will be able to thank you in person some day!
Testimonial By: patricia tschetter

San Luis Obispo

Monday 08 June, 2009

I purchased two of your CDs, Dynamic Sales and
Booths, and wanted to give you some positive observations from my experience as an exhibitor this past week at the American Craft Council Show in San Francisco.

I redesigned my booth keeping your guidelines in
mind and it was quite successful. I had positive
comments about how well it showed off my work. It was easy to assemble and knock down, simple, light and maneuverable. I used elements in the corners with
almost everything being black or clear lucite,
which made my fabric evening bags seem to float in space.

My 8 x 10 booth accommodated as many as 4 people
browsing at once and they kept coming.

Neeedless to say, I had a successful show and was
very glad that I had your information upon which to
rely. Thanks for all the great information.
Testimonial By: Meryl Perloff — San Luis Obispo, CA — Dina P Purses

Sculptural Vessels and Art Jewelry from Modern Materials

Monday 08 June, 2009

I just finished a three day show here in Lowell, MA. It was my first show since I attended the ABI program in March, where I heard your talk on sales (and bought your CD), and also attended your seminars on Booth Design and Slide Jurying. Thank you, thank you, thank you. As my nine year-old would say, "You rock!"

When I applied for Paradise City last year (pre-ABI), I was rejected. After your course, I was not surprised. I had about two weeks to make the deadline for the next Paradise City application. I quickly produced work, and took new shots, paying attention to the flow of the images. This time I was wait-listed. While wait-listing may not seem like success, I was getting closer to my goal. Since then I have improved my images, and I submitted the application for the spring shows over a month early. I'll let you know if I make it this time.

I had only done a few shows prior to ABI, and did not have a real booth. I had some tables and displays. While they were better than average perhaps, they were not great. At the show I just attended I received an honorable mention for booth design. I still have some improvements to make, but over and over the customers would come into my booth and quite literally say "Ahhh!" Other artists and customers loved the booth....and it made it easier to get the opportunity to sell.

While my sales did not meet my expectations, I did manage to keep my booth a "happy place" in spite of rampant grumbling by artists about what an awful show it was. There was a buffer of good energy that stayed in place around my booth, helped in part by my 11 year old who was my show assistant for the weekend. I had her listen to the sales CD as a condition for helping me at the show. She willingly complied, and I must say she took your lessons to heart. Every unearned thank you was reprimanded. Other artists reading books or talking on their cellphones caused her to shake her head. I guess it pays to train them young, before the bad habits form!

I know of at least one artist, and likely several who will be buying your CD's, and probably traveling to attend an ABI program. Thanks so much for all you do to help artists succeed. By the way, I have attached before and after shots of my booth. I will be working on the table cover and displays, and probably adding a few more pedestals. But all in all, I think it wasn't too bad, and I spent less than $1000 all together.
Testimonial By: Judy Dunn — Lowell, MA — Sculptural Vessels and Art Jewelry from Modern Materials

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